Skyline University Nigeria

Welcome to Skyline University Nigeria

The ivory tower was licensed by the National Universities Council (NUC) in May 2018 and is a sister university to Skyline University College (SUC), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

It is a university anchored on a tripod – knowledge, skills and value-based education.

It was conceived to power Nigeria’s socio-economic development by providing technology driven and innovative education.

SUN is a multi-cultural environment where staff and students from different parts of the world come together for a common goal of making it a multi-disciplinary teaching and research institution.

The university currently offers Bachelor degree Programmemes in International Relations, Mass Communications Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Administration and Economics.

Others are Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Physics with Electronics, Computer Science and Information Systems, Software Engineering and Geology.


… Why Skyline University Nigeria

Primarily, the goal of the university is to be recognized both locally and internationally as citadel of academic excellence.

The university boasts of quality staff and faculty members drawn from different parts of the world.

The university also provides enabling environment for teaching and research in various fields of academics.

The facilities are unique and comply with global standards in teaching, learning and research.

The hostels are equally impressive and devoid of distraction for students.

In fact, the university will serve as home away from home for our students drawn from different socio-cultural background.

We also provide several platforms for our students’ development throughout their stay on campus.

These include professional skills enhancement Programmeme, academic tour of foreign countries and a centre for development of entrepreneurial skills, among other unique Programmemes.

With all these in place, the university on course to realizing its vision of becoming the choice destination for students desiring qualitative education in all fields.