Skyline University Nigeria

What do you miss about school?

The COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, has caused a severe impact on higher education. As universities across the country, closed their premises, the students’ community experienced major disruptions in learning. Although Skyline University Nigeria was quick to replace traditional classroom learning with virtual classes, bringing about an expanded learning environment based on digitization that soon compliments the student-teacher relationship. While schools remained closed, the uninterested and ordinary events in school that students take for granted became the things that were most missed.

As students prepare to return to school once again on January 18th, 2020 for the 2020/2021 academic session, after much-repeated closures and reopening of schools and ones again to make meaningful contact with people, it is worth remembering what we missed in 2020. Here are a few suggestions.

#1 Extra-curricular Activities

There is no amount of extra-curricular activities expected of the students’ community. Students tend to create something new every day for the sake of their interest while taking advantage of the university’s facility as well as resources. Getting involved in extracurricular activities has helped students to broaden their interests and build up their CVs as well as portfolios, especially through their participation in career-building opportunities offered by the university. 

#2 The Social Life

While studying and achieving a degree may be considered a key part of the university, students have considered having an active social life as an important component of the undergraduate years. Whether you want to get involved in societies, Student Union politics or simply enjoy the events being hosted by the university.

#3 Making New Friends

Making new friends is quite easy at the university. It’s very common to be on the way to the library in the morning and bump into new friends and other friends who will probably be on their way to the university’s library, the same thing applies every day in the campus.

#4 Recreational Zone

The Sport and Recreation Zone offers a wide range of activities for all sporting interest. The Student Recreation Zone is a primary resource centre for students, faculty, staff and alumni to workout and participate in indoor activities. Who wouldn’t miss this part of the university?

#5 Students’ Club

Because the university welcomes the contribution made to student life by clubs, societies and other organizations in the university campus, Skyline University Nigeria is working together with the student’s body to ensure students are introduced or welcomed back to as many available opportunities while taking the pandemic into account.