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Collaborative Online International Learning

World Case Teaching Day 2024: SUN collaborates with University of Nebraska for Collaborative Online International Learning

In commemoration of World Case Teaching Day 2024, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) collaborated with the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) for an intensive Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) in International Business. The interactive virtual activity was held on 9th February, 2024, where students and academics from both universities had insightful deliberations.

The students of International Business at the University of Nebraska Omaha from CBA Scholars Academy and postgraduate students of Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and other departments at SUN teamed up and dived into business case studies and teaching pedagogies deployed in postgraduate activities.

In her remarks, the Dean of the School of Postgraduate Studies at SUN, Dr. Sudha Mavuri, said that the virtual online learning was not only a day to commemorate World Case Teaching Day 2024 but also to showcase the interesting and transformative teaching pedagogies used by academics at SUN. She said it was a worthy celebration as SUN students were able to build lasting networks with the students from the UNO.

Dr. Phani Phani Tej Adidam led the team of students from the UNO. After the introductions, 3 teams from SUN and 2 teams from UNO were divided into 8 break rooms to brainstorm on the points of their given topics of presentation in International Business. Subsequently, after 3 hours of discussion, teams made PowerPoint presentations in the main room of the interaction.

The session concluded with commendations for the students and bright prospects for future collaborations.