Skyline University Nigeria

Your Academic Work Is Just One Strand Of Your Learning And Development

If you fall amongst the category of university students looking only to gain just academic knowledge and haven’t been thinking about some other things that you can do to sharpen your skills to the fullest extent, then you could be missing out on activities that would improve your future career chances and set you apart from other students. In Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), we believe that every undergraduate should be able to go beyond the academics and developed skills that are essential for the survival of any work-life to work confidently in several careers.

Because employers are employing graduates outside their specialization, for the skills they possessed, there, therefore, shouldn’t be anything alien in the idea of a Historian, a Political Scientist, or a Graduate of International Relations working as a Journalist, a graphics designer or a Content/Media Manager. Although there are career paths that demand certain qualifications, such careers like medicine, nursing, and its accompanied profession are likely to stay.

So, whether you need to learn to develop diverse career competency or become business ready throughout your academic Programmeme, our on-campus career-building opportunities are the ideal choice. See some of the opportunities available for SUN students to participate and develop beyond academics, to thrive, belong, create, transform and succeed in several careers.

Students Organization

On-campus students organization is a great platform that allows students to take on responsibilities and solve challenges, to make a difference in the university community as well as provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a good leader. You can join a campus club where you can have fun and develop leadership and teamwork experience along the way. Student organizations bring together students with a common interest in anything from sustainability to investment banking.

Our Unique Facilities

SUN has a wide array of centres, institutes and facilities, which contributes to the vitality and creativity of the university. You can use the entrepreneurship lab, newsroom, or creative zone on campus that lets you build skills while doing something you love. SUN is working to have a professional radio and HD TV stations on campus where students can produce their own content.

 Internship Opportunities

There are tons of internship activities that work with your students’ schedule to get some on the job training. Internships give you the opportunity to work within the university campus for a limited amount of time, from a week to a semester. These can be paid or unpaid and allow interns to learn more about a field of interest while completing tasks or projects alongside full-time employees. 

Leadership training

You can also take leadership training through leadership workshop occasionally held within the university and gain crucial skills like communication and teamwork. Leadership training can happen informally through your involvement with campus organizations, and many colleges have dedicated leadership centres to train and mentor students. Undergraduates at SUN can work with the Students Service or the Corporate Affairs Department to seek opportunities on campus and beyond.