Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) New Books Arrival

Unexpected things can make us change our plans. A flat tire on a bike can make us walk when we planned to ride. Sometimes, we expect something in the mail and it takes a week longer to arrive than we thought it would. A delay at the airport can cause us to miss a trip. Unexpected events can make us change our plans but Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Library is never late with new books arrival.


The comfort zone experience puts us in that position in which our ability and determination are not being tested. The more we feed our comfort zone, the more we starve ourselves of creativity, innovation and progress.

Voting My Civil Right

The right to vote has been viewed by many as a mere civil right, law- dependent, while others see it as a fundamental political right. Yet, to another group, it is just a franchise perfunctorily use to elect those that will govern them. The right to vote is fundamental to Nigerians who have attained the voting age, 18 years.


Responsibility Manifesto is not just for the business industry or university service personnel but to everyone who understands the value of giving before receiving

How to Choose a Career Opportunity

Career opportunities aren’t found in clubs. University is a great place for startups owing to the time and support available. Prior knowledge of markets, of how to serve those markets, and of customer problems is a good head start.

Sports: Having a healthy lifestyle

The beauty of any physical or mental activities lies in its importance. Just like any other activities, sports have benefits. Whether it’s a pickup game of basketball or an organized football league on campus or during your college degree, playing sports can make you healthier and happier because of the physical activities involved.