Dr.Mulani Jameel Ahmad

Dr.Mulani Jameel Ahmad
Dr.Mulani Jameel Ahmad

Dr.Mulani Jameel Ahmad


I am Dr.Mulani Jameel Ahmad from India, Mumbai working in Skyline University, Nigeria as a professor in Management in the school of Art, Management and Social Science. I completed my Post Doctorate in Business Management from Dalian University of Technology, China and my PhD is in Management (Financial Management) from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China. I also have MBA in Finance & Marketing from Bharti Vidhyapeeth University Pune and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from Solapur University in Solapur, Maharashtra. I have more than 5 year’s teaching experience lecturing at different levels with different Universities.
He has published more than 10 papers in leading international and national journals, some paper presentations in leading international and national conferences in different countries.

  1. Jamil Mulani, Zhang Xianzhi “Strategic Innovations in Brand Valuations and its Management: An Accounting Perspective,”, (2013) Vol 3, Issue 1& 2. pp 01-07 Published in SIBACA Management Review Journal
  2. Jamil Mulani, Snober Javid, Sajal Kabiraj Advertising Effectiveness of Televised Messages using Appeals: A Case-study in the Chinese Context, (2013), Vol 1, No. 2 pp 01-10 published in Jinnah Business Review Higher Education Commission (HEC)Recognized
  3.  Amjad Iqbal, Jamil Mulani, Sajal Kabiraj “Leverage, Size of the Firm and Profitability: A Case of Pakistani Cement Industry,” (2014), Vol 7, Issue 1. pp 16-22 published in International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation
  4. Jamil Mulani, Zhang Xianzhi “Fraud Prevention Using Automated Audit Systems: A Strategic Imperative” (2014), Vol 6, Issue 18. pp 53-61 published in European Journal of Business and Management
  5. Jamil Mulani, Guotai Chi “Effects of the budgetary process on SME’s performance: An Exploratory study based on Selected SME’s in India”, (2015), Vol 6, Issue 14. pp 135-153 published in European Research Journal of Finance and Accounting
  6. Jamil Mulani, Guotai Chi, Li Hongxi “Loan systems, financial ranking and fiscal positioning: Evidence from India” (2015), Vol 6, Issue 16. pp 161-164 published in European Research Journal of Finance and Accounting
  7. Jamil Mulani, Zhang Shijie, Guotai Chi, Shridhar Katakdhond Issues Against Small and Medium Enterprises in India, published(2017) in International Conference on Final Risk and Corporate Finance Management(EI),Takamatsu, Japan
  8. Jamil Mulani, Cheng Guang, Li ye, Wang Yuyan The Research on internal Budget control among administrative institution-Henan Science and Technology Association as an example (2019) published in International Conference on Banking and Finance Perspective and (ICBFP) North Cyprus, Turkey.
  9. Jamil Mulani, Cheng Guang, Cui Hongfan Study on the Influence of Eight point Decision on the internal control of Expenditure of Administrative institution in China (2019) published in Opportunities, Risks and Uncertainties in Emerging Markets (ORUEM) Hangzhou, China.
  10. Jamil Mulani, Chi Guotai “Factors Affecting Profitability of Small and Medium Enterprises firm listed in India stock Exchange” submitted (2018) in Mathematical problems in Engineering SCI Journal.
  11. Jamil Mulani, Chi Guotai “Small and Medium Enterprises Driven Export Performance: A Proposal for the leather Industry in North West India submitted (2018) in International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues
  12. Jamil Mulani, Comparison study on Chinese SME’s and Indian SME’s, working paper (2020).
  13. Jamil Mulani, Impact of loan pricing on Banking GDP, working paper (2020)

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