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Ph.D. Economics

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Economics is the highest academic degree in the field of economics and is designed for individuals seeking advanced knowledge and expertise in economic theory, research methodologies and policy analysis. A Ph.D. programme in Economics is typically research-intensive, aimed at producing independent scholars and researchers who can make significant contributions to the field of economics, which are in the nature of multi/inter disciplinary such as sustainable development and frame policies relevant to contemporary global priorities. This is to be achieved by equipping research students with a broad foundation in the general field of Social Science as well as specialized knowledge in a particular discipline. The programme also prepares research scholars to meet the human resource market needs of a developing society by developing entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and values to develop a sense of public responsibility and spirit of self-reliance.

  • The programme aims to develop scholars’ research skills and expertise in economics such as learning advanced research methodologies, data collection/analysis techniques and rigorous research in various areas of economics.
  • Ph.D. programme in Economics focuses on deepening scholars’ comprehensive understanding of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and specialized fields of economics such as labour economics, international economics, monetary economics, development economics, environmental economics and sustainable development.
  • The programme emphasizes the development of strong quantitative and analytical skills such as advanced statistical/econometric techniques and mathematical modeling.
  • The programme aims to prepare scholars to identify research gaps, develop novel research questions and conduct research that advances knowledge and theory in their chosen area of specialization.
  • Ph.D. programme in Economics emphasizes the publication and dissemination of research findings, with implications on various stakeholders, critical thinking skills, scholarly writing skills, navigation to the publication process and effective presentation techniques.

The objectives of Ph.D. in Economics are to:

  • Develop the scholars understanding of social problems in the local and global society.
  • Develop the scholars’ ability for objective and critical approach to observe, understand, analyse and synthesize socio-economic, political and environmental problems using social science research methods and techniques.
  • Create an enabling environment for desirable behavioural change, which would help the scholar to develop values that are in consonance with hard work, probity, commitment, discipline, integrity and patriotism.
  • Enable the graduates of the Social Sciences to fit into various fields of human endeavour, both in the private and public sectors of the economy and equip them with entrepreneurial skills to develop and evaluate decisions with a sense of self-reliance.