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Ph.D. Management

Ph.D. in Management is a prestigious and rigorous doctoral programme that prepares individuals for advanced research and academic careers in the field of management. The programme is designed to develop scholars who can contribute to the knowledge and understanding of management theory, practice and research methods. The programme emphasizes the development of advanced research skills, critical thinking abilities, and theoretical expertise. Scholars engage in coursework, seminars and independent research under the guidance of faculty advisors, with the goal of making original contributions to the body of knowledge in management. A significant component of a Ph.D. in Management programme is the dissertation or doctoral thesis. The dissertation is an extensive research project that showcases the scholar’s ability to conduct original research, contribute new knowledge and advance theory in a specific area of management.

  • The programme aims to develop scholars’ research skills and expertise in the field of management.
  • Scholars learn advanced research methodologies, data collection/analysis techniques and also how to conduct independent and rigorous research in various areas of management.
  • Ph.D. programme in Management focuses on deepening students' understanding of theoretical frameworks and concepts in management.
  • Scholars gain a comprehensive understanding of various management disciplines, such as organizational behavior, strategic management, human resource management, marketing, operations management or entrepreneurship.
  • The programme aims to prepare scholars to make original contributions to the field of management through their research.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Equips the scholar with the key skills and knowledge essential for research and teaching purposes.
  • Qualify scholars for an array of teaching positions and other advanced roles in the private, public higher education institutions and universities.
  • Equip scholars to run research in management, creating their own successful teaching/research careers.
  • Endear scholars with ability to demonstrate that these aims have been fulfilled and that they are also proficient in relevant key skills, including problem-identification and proffering solutions through research processes and methodology.