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SUN ensures that the SSIT curriculum is distinctive and superior in nature. It significantly extends the knowledge and nurtures intellectual maturity to probe into the depths of knowledge and to specialize in skills with a sense of creative independence. The student is thus enabled to accomplish the goals as anticipated in the program and transfer them to the professional areas. SUN endeavors that all SSIT programs are linked to industry / organision through SIWES and Project works.

The SSIT programs are carefully planned and directly related and appropriate to the mission and purposes of the institution as well as the goals and objectives of the respective degree programs. As for as Program instruction is concerned, SUN adequately supports and critically evaluates experimental and teaching methods to improve instruction, ensures that each student enrolled in the course receives a Course Delivery Package (CDP) on the first day of the class that includes the following:

  • Syllabus
  • Credit hours
  • Pre Requisites
  • Course description
  • Learning outcomes
  • Course contents
  • Academic strategies
  • Course policies
  • Class Schedule
  • Additional Reading
  • Mode, Nature and Scope of Assessment
  • Information on core text book

Moreover, SUN uses regular evaluation of all courses; instructional pedagogy and feedback through a well-developed Institutional Effectiveness System.

Curriculum Requirements

The curriculum provides the student with General Studies, Core, Required, Electives and Specialization courses in their respective Undergraduate programs. All students perusing undergraduate must complete all 132 credits to graduate.


No. of Credits

No. of Courses

General Education



Core Courses, Required Courses, Elective, Project Work & Specialization






Total Requirements



 *Note: General Studies (GST) courses are for 2 credit each course. Core Courses, Required Courses, Elective, Project Work & Specialization are for 3 credits each. Where SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) is for 6 credits.

General Studies (Gst) Courses


Programs of Science & Information Technology School:


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