Skyline University Nigeria

Guest Lecture Series: Expert Urge Students to Take Communications Opportunities Very Seriously

Ms. Gina London, An Emmy winning former CNN Correspondents has posited that transformation of self from an introvert to an extrovert is a process of self-discovery that slowly progresses to being a communication expert. She said this much on 27th January 2022, during the Guest Lecture series organized by Skyline University Nigeria (SUN). The Guest lecture is aimed at helping students gain various skills that will enable them to tackle issues and problems effectively which are commonly faced in daily lives.

While making her presentation on the theme of the event, “The Power of Communicating With Purpose and Impact”, she charged the students to take communications opportunities very seriously, which is developed first by accepting responsibilities. She added that strategy leads to the start of consultancy. “Accept opportunities without being judgmental-even if it is not a dream job. Commitment and bravery imbibed from the situations will birth quality”.

Ms. Gina, who was also the Guest Lecturer at the event, added that Effective communication can help to foster a good working relationship between students and staff as well as lecturers, which can, in turn, improve morale and efficiency. According to her, Networking via LinkedIn, joining groups, discussion forums amongst others, can collectively, promote positivity in building success for an individual.

She advised students of the importance of purpose and communication impact, types of communication amongst others. She stated that the power of communications will help improve organizational practices, eliminate poor feedback between students and lecturers as well as business owners, keep the student informed and reduce errors of communication.

The event which took place online was designed to help students learn from industry experts and help them adapt to positive behaviors that enable human beings to deal with life’s challenges and situations effectively.