Skyline University Nigeria

Case Study Center

Business Education is always considered as solution to corporations. This contributes the practical aspects of Organizational activities. Teaching management sciences by way of case studies is still considered a competitive edge of Business Schools. Skyline University Nigeria has also incorporated case based approach to provide quality management education in Nigeria. The purpose of this center is to develop Case studies on all domains of Business Management. This Center collaborates with corporations and offer them solutions through developing cases on regional & global contexts. This Case study center also enhances the competency level of Students and Faculty through case based learning. This Center is determined to help Corporations of Nigeria and to make better decisions in today’s fast paced changing era.

The Center develops new cases based on academic and corporate contents.
The Center develops faculty skills in Case Writing and Application in classes
The Center provides a competitive edge through Case based approach in Business
The Center prepares and maintains data base of Africa and Nigeria.
The Center Collaborates increases the participation of Industry at Skyline University.