Skyline University Nigeria

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

Our Vision

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) aspires to be an internationally recognized institution of excellence in higher education, by providing technologically enabled platforms for innovative research and education with a focus on creativity and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) strives to be a multi-disciplinary teaching & research University and a leading international institution of higher learning, driven by technology to build a multicultural environment for all its stakeholders that commit to nurturing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship which can sustain social development.

Institutional Goal

“To provide a dynamic academic and research environment in pursuit of excellence with integrity to serve the society.”

Institutional Objectives
  1. To provide a platform for research, scholarship and creative activities as fundamental sources of new knowledge and contribution towards the betterment of society
  2. To nurture freedom of inquiry and create an intellectual environment conducive to open and respectful exchange of ideas
  3. To promote cultural diversity
  4. To encourage ethical standards in personal and professional behaviour, focusing on outcomes and impact in a dynamic society
  5. To strive to establish sustainable collaborations with local and international industry experts, funding agencies, universities and other institutions to enrich students’ learning
Student Goal

To cultivate integrity, compassion and fairness, to be socially responsible citizens of the society.

Student Objectives
  1. To cultivate integrity, compassion and fairness, to be socially responsible citizens of the society.
  2. To evolve academic programmes to suit the changing social and economic needs of society through continuous review of curriculum and development of new programmes.
  3. To appreciate and stimulate interest in cultural heritage and relating its activities to the society.
  4. To carry out basic and applied research to stimulate job creation and innovative abilities among students.
  5. To establish a centre for entrepreneurial studies.
Employee Goal

To engage competent employees and provide facilities for creating a conducive environment for teaching, learning and research, to promote the advancement of knowledge and to ensure transparency and accountability to all stakeholders of the University.

Employee Objectives
  1. To recruit highly qualified and experienced academic, technical and administrative staff to ensure the actualization of high-quality teaching, research and community service
  2. To pursue capacity building through staff development programmes for academic and non-academic employees to ensure a progressive working environment
  3. To provide good governance and effective management structure
  4. To take appropriate steps to attract and retain high-quality staff
  5. To promote teamwork.

Our Values

A University embedded in knowledge, skill and technology for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship that prepares ethical and responsible citizens for serving the society.

Facilities provided by SUN to its Staff and Students

The students and staff of Skyline University Nigeria are supported by the various departments and facilities such as corporate affairs, ICT, Library, Sports, Students Services, Clinic and recreational facilities. The ICT provides information technology (IT) resources to the community.

The department’s activities include maintaining Software, Hardware, Network, Security, Website, SharePoint, Data and File Servers to provide Portal services to faculty, staff & students. The Sports Department of SUN strives to promote social, mental and physical development aimed at developing overall personality of individuals for healthy minds and bodies.

The Student Services plan developmental academic advising through interactive teaching, counseling and administrative strategies to assist students with achieving specific learning, developmental, career and life goals. While the Library provides access to quality resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and to facilitate lifelong learning and research within its community.

Strategic Plans

It is very important to develop Institutional Strategic plan for five years in line with the institutional plan, with a purpose to accomplish the institutional planning directions on a long term basis and to assist various departments in their annual planning. The strategic plan focuses largely on generating and allocating resources for a 5 year period, to achieve its strategic period goals and objectives.

Initiating also, the process of strategic plan by reviewing the status of previous Strategic Plans and gathering information from various stakeholders, competitors and general business environments in the country and regions, so as to evaluate the growth and sustainability of SUN in the long run.

Community Engagement

Through the CAO, SUN identifies organizations or other institutions that are willing to collaborate with SUN to serve the society at the national and international levels. Community engagement activities can be organized jointly for social development. Through SUN activities, awareness is created among the students’ communities to pursue community engagement services during their study period and continue throughout their lives.


Networking in Skyline University Nigeria is through the Corporate Affairs Office. The Corporate Affairs Office facilitates students to develop networking with the corporate world by providing them with opportunities to participate in various summits and conferences in Sharjah, Dubai and in Nigeria, which will help them to networks.
Through various activities in Nigeria and abroad, we plan to attend conferences and exhibitions for the students to fully experience new developing technologies in their chosen courses.

We aim to create internationally diverse and inclusive communities to encourage students to participate in various external competitions, expanding their horizons to network and compete with students from other universities. SUN would serve as a bridge-builder by engaging students with local and international communities of all backgrounds to ensure personal, academic and professional growth, as well as SUN’s success.