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Skyline University Nigeria IT Hub, Expert List Skills Required to be a Successful Cybersecurity Professional

Mr. Shehu, who was the guest trainer at the recent event held in the university’s campus, disclosed that a Cybersecurity professional is one who helps businesses by protecting their computer and networking systems from potential hackers and cyber-attacks. “They safeguard sensitive data of business from hackers and cyber-criminals who often create new ways to infiltrate sensitive databases”, he described.

The guest trainer also revealed qualities that a cyber-security professional must possess, which includes integrity, reliability, intelligence and accountability. He added that “the training offered on the students includes how to install a virtualization software, based on Linux or other security-based software, how to recon to look at security loopholes, amongst other things, it will guide students to find their passion. “Who knows, SUN Students may decide to take on Cybersecurity as a career in the future.

Earlier in his welcome address, the senior lecturer of the Department of Computer Science and Information Department, Dr. Ahmed Abba Haruna, FHEA, noted that the gathering was an opportunity for students to learn from the expert in the field of Cyber Security. He added that the objectives of the training were to enlighten students on how to protect themselves against Cybersecurity traits and exploitation. Specifically, to help them remain safe as they use the internet as well as help protect the society against such traits. “I believe by investing in Cybersecurity awareness training, we are investing in the future of our company/society.” He added.

While describing students experience so far in the training, Yusra Suleiman, a student of Software Engineering, said that she would like to recommend the training to be extended to other students of Skyline University Nigeria because, aside from protecting the computer operating systems, network and data from cyber-attacks, the training helps to develop the computing skills needed to prevent attacks and protect peoples data and privacy. Another student, Nazir Safiyan Salis, a student of computer science and Information Systems stated, that his experience was in the use of more than one operating systems as well as using command prompt through Linux operating system.