Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Student’s Organization Club – Meets Hauwa Janan Aliyu

Ask the members of Skyline University Nigeria student’s organization, what they like most from their experience of the clubs and many will say it has helped them find a way of expressing themselves and shaking off stage fright. The birth of the club as many claimed, was credited to Hauwa Janan Aliyu. “Being able to combine the energy, knowledge, and skill of an already motivated student is what she was able to accomplish” Said Abba Abator, a fresher student.

Hauwa Janan Aliyu, a fresh student studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Skyline University Nigeria, has joined like mind students to continue to pursue their passion, giving the environment created at SUN to help them make their dreams a reality. She believed that people are the most important resource of each student’s organization for achieving great results. “Being able to articulate how I feel about the issues around me has helped me to discover the power in a team” Janan said.

Janan, a lover of poetry, is currently the President of the Arts and Theaters club and a member of Music and Dance, Cooking, Speaking and Sports Clubs, and the Student Government Associations of Skyline University Nigeria, created to facilitate practical, fun and functioning activities for the students to reach beyond the classrooms, to gain undergraduate experience in various fields.

When asked what she intends to achieve, she said, “There are more to life than academic. We are in school today because we want to change the world someday”. “The concept of having these clubs is not just about being eloquent in speech or becoming the best in classroom activities only but this would boost career experience, public speaking and leadership skills”, Mr. Nazim added.