The Senate

The Senate

The Senate

The Senate is the soul of the academia and with students the raison d’tere for the university. Chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, it is usually a relatively large deliberative and participative body made up of Professors and some non-professorial academic staff. It is the ultimate authority for academic decision-taking, normally acting on advice from the School Boards and its other Committees. Hence, the academic policy and procedures of the University are determined by a complex structure in which many members of the Academic Staff participate.

The Senate is responsible for all the academic affairs of the University, including the provision of courses and the approval of their syllabuses, the admission and progress of students through examinations and otherwise, the award of degrees and such other qualifications as may be prescribed, the making of recommendations to the Council in respect of candidates for the award of honorary degrees, the establishment, organization and control of halls of residence in the University, and the granting of fellowships, scholarships, prizes and similar awards that are within the control of the University provided that funds are available.

Committees of Senate

The Senate shall have the following Committees to facilitate its work:

  1. Curriculum Development Committee
  2. Library and Publications Committee
  3. Ceremonies & Honors Committee
  4. Central Admissions Committee
  5. Committee of Deans
  6. Students Welfare Committee
  7. University Sports Committee
  8. Students Disciplinary Committee
  9. Examinations Committee
  10. Research Grants Committee
  11. ICT Development Committee
  12. Senate Business Committee

Senate Members


Senate Members Details

Senate Members Name


The Vice-Chancellor - Chairman

Prof. Ajith Kumar V.V.


All Professors in the University

Prof. Sanjoy Pal – Prof. Microbiology

Prof. Susanta Pahari – Prof. Biochemistry


The Deans of Schools

Dr. Sudha Mavuri-Dean SAMSS

Dr. A. Senthil Kumar-Dean SSIT

Dr. Isa Usman Lawan-Dean SBMS


Representative for Dean of Student Affairs

Mr. Nazimul Islam - SSD


Directors of Academic Support Services

Mrs. Sarada Maganti – DASS


All Heads of Academic Departments

Dr. Susanta Pahari - HOD - Department of Chemical Science


Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Pal - HOD - Department of Biological Sciences


Dr. Ajayi Olumide Abraham - HOD - General Studies


Dr. Vijay Arputharaj - HOD - Department of Computer Science


Dr. Senthil Kumar - HOD - Department of Management


Mr. Farid Illiyasu Illo - HOD - Department of Political Science


Mr. Abdulhameed O. Ridwanullah - HOD - Department of Mass Communication


Two Elected Academic Staff from each School

Dr. Senthil Kumar Assistant - Assistant Prof. Accounting

Dr. Vijay Arputharaj - HOD - Department of Computer Science


The Registrar-Secretary

Mr. Haruna Aliyu – Registrar


Representative for Bursar

Mr. Haroon Rasheed