The Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor


Skyline University Nigeria is a young breed of the university that aspires to be one of the top universities in Africa. It is a university that is responsive to build knowledge, skills, and competencies among students and enable them to contribute to the national development of Nigeria and Africa in general. SUN intends to remain agile, dynamic, creative and innovative in their outlook and adopt and adapt to meet the societal needs in the years to come.

Our focus remains in preparing the student body to fit into the socio-cultural sensitivity of the region and engage themselves in building capacities among the community and be torchbearers of change in all their activities.

Our engagement with industry, research and community engagement helps us to continuously learn from the environment and prepare our students to be conscious, collaborative and entrepreneurial individuals. It is our endeavor to provide a learning environment that gives our students opportunities to develop a global mindset and yet respond to the challenges of local needs.

Our collaborations and partnerships with organizations and other universities across the world enable our students to keep abreast with the new developments in the academic fields, enhance their employable skills while working as interns in business organization and acquire certifications from IT industry.

As a Vice-Chancellor I can assure that we as a university will strive to live up to provide the students all opportunities to develop into individuals who can leave a transformative impact on the society towards better living through our continuous engagement in innovation, education, and research.

Best wishes

Sudhakar kota

VC Profile: Professor Sudhakar kota
1983 -2018 (till date)

Dr. Sudhakar Kota as an educationist has served the industry for almost 35 years in the field of higher education. During his journey, he has exposure to UK, American and Australian educational systems and has developed a deep understanding of QA processes in each of the educational systems and has been into consulting universities and evaluating compliance to QA standards and suggest for enhancing academic quality.

He is well known for establishing higher education Quality assurance (QA) policies and procedures at university level. As director of QA and Institutional Research, he has defined institutional strategy for quality enhancement and established QA procedures to promote quality education. Beginning with establishing vision and mission and philosophy of the university, he has laid down institutional goals and objectives, stating program goals and outcomes, its measurement criteria, aligning each course learning outcomes with the program learning outcomes. To ensure delivery of quality at the higher education. Contributed towards establishing the processes for paradigm shift from teaching to student centric learning orientation.

As it is well established fact that even though planning is appropriate, if it is not implemented properly, then it ends up in failure. Dr. Kota has successfully implemented the QA process in the university, prepared the faculty members and administrative employees for the change by engaging them in continuous discussions and conducted regular training on various aspects of course delivery, learning support services and designing instruments of assessment as per the required rigor and measurability of learning outcomes.

To increase the employee engagement from merely 35 percent to 80 percent he has established systems that help the institution to measure employee engagement through effective evaluation systems for the whole institution. Designed KPI’s for each employee and defined expected outputs which can easily be measured task by task at regular intervals.

He is actively engaged in research work and has presented papers in international conferences, published research papers and has successfully supervised PhD students. His competencies in the field of Economics, Marketing and business law enable him to have a comprehensive outlook of business functions in an economy. Dr. Kota has attained wide spectrum of business expertise by earning degrees in M.Phil. in Economics , MBA with marketing specialization, Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial relations and labor laws and Doctorate in the field of industrial productivity.

He is actively involved in community developmental research in association with NGO’s and conducted various researches on rural development programs sponsored by the government of India, poverty alleviation programs funded by UNESCO and environmental impact assessment and sustainability projects funded by Asian Development Bank, Japan. He was also involved in corporate training in the fields of effective communications, self-development, management development programs and marketing services he has conducted more than 50 training programs for government and semi government departments.