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B.Sc. Computer Science

This programme aims to provide students with a strong foundation and thorough grounding in the theoretical and practical aspects of the computer science discipline, necessary for successful careers as system designers in the continuously developing information technology i.e. IT world. Specialization in various fields/areas of the discipline is availed to students through a flexible curriculum and a wide range of electives, enabling them to keep pace with the latest trends in computing technology for a successful career in information technology.

  1. Students should be able to work on computer programing languages for problem solving, i.e. identify problems, analyze requirements, formulate designs and implement solutions that meet realistic constraints, such as: costs, operational, social, cultural, ethical, health and safety
  2. Communicate and use language effectively
  3. Develop projects effectively and independently
  4. Apply specialized knowledge in selected area(s) of Computer Science
  5. Collaborate and function effectively in team works; including multi-disciplinary team works
  6. Function effectively in an industrial environment and apply acquired skills to real world problems
  7. Acquire inquisitive attitude and skills to enable creation of original discovery or design related to computing.
  1. To have a sound technical foundation in computer science and the ability to creatively apply computer and related technologies to practical problems.
  2. Communication and soft skills to function as an effective professional
    Knowledge in specialized areas with awareness of broad multi-disciplinary issues, and the ability to continue personal.
  3. Development to keep pace with advances in computer technology.
  4. To produce graduates who are capable of applying computer science, computer technology and information technology in solving problems arising in industries, business, commerce, education, medicine, government, and the society in general.
  5. To provide suitable service course for specialists in other disciplines to enable these specialists to increase their competence, skill and level of proficiency on their various works fields.
  6. To engender new developments in computer science with a view to promotes special interest in entrepreneurship abilities of potential graduates by making available modern development in information technology.

B. Sc. Computer Science & Information Systems  – 4 YEAR CURRICULUM PLAN

Sl. NoCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
SEMESTER 1 Level 100
1GST1211English Communication I2GST30
2GST1213Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT2GST30
3GST1215Nigerian People and Culture2GST30
4MTH1311Mathematics I3Core45
BUA1311Principles of Management3Core45
5CSC1311Principles of Programmeming Language3Core3045
CSC1313Digital Logic3Core45
SEMESTER 2 Level 100
1GST1222Communication in French2GST30
2GST1224Logical Critical Thinking & Problem Solving2GST30
3GST1226Introduction to Entrepreneurship2GST30
4CSC1328Object Oriented Programmeming3Core3045
5PHY1326General Science3Core45
6CSC1324Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis3Core3045
7CSC1326Computer Organization & Architecture3Core45
SEMESTER 3 Level 200
1GST2211English Communication II2GST30
2GST2213Leadership Skills2GST30
3GST2215Core Life Skills & Happiness2GST30
4MTH2315Mathematics II3Core45
5CSC2313Web Design and Development3Core3045
6CSC2315Research Methods in Computing3Core45
7CSC2317Database Management Systems3Core45
SEMESTER 4 Level 200
1CSC2322Human Computer Interaction3Core45
2CSC2324Information Technology and Ethics3Core45
3CSC2326Computer networks3Core3045
4CSC2328Software Engineering3Core45
5CSC2340Programmeming in Java3Core3045
6CSC2342Operating Systems3Core3045
SEMESTER 5 Level 300
1CSI3699SIWES(Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) / Industrial Attachment / Project6
SEMESTER 6 Level 300
2CSC3322Computer Graphics3Core3045
3CSC3324Artificial Intelligence3Core3045
4CSC3326Distributed Database Systems3Core45
5CSC3328Information Technology Project Management3Core3045
6BUA3322Business Process Modeling3Required45
7CSC3344Knowledge Management Technology3Required3045
SEMESTER 7 Level 400
1CSC4326Web Technologies3Core3045
2CSC4311Mobile Application Development3Core3045
3CSC4313Data Warehousing and Data Mining3Core3045
4CSC4335IT infrastructure and Emerging Technologies3Required3045
5Elective 1345
6Elective 233045
SEMESTER 8 Level 400
1CSC4322Big Data Analytics3Core3045
2CSC4324Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation3Core3045
3CSC4342Enterprise Information System Security3Required3045
4CSC4344Software Quality Assurance Testing3Required3045
5CSI4300Project Work (IT)31590
Total Credits for Programmeme1321,5451,035
Options for Elective 1 & 2
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
BUA4351Strategic Information System Management3Elective45
BUA4339E-Supply chain management3Elective45
CSC4317Programmeming with .NET3Elective3045
CSC4319Programmeing with Advance java3Elective3045
Project / Internship / SIWES ( Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme)
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
CSI3699SIWES / Industrial Attachment / Project6