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B.Sc. Economics

This programme will allow students to develop an understanding of economic principles. Topics of B.Sc. Economics include: contrasting macroeconomics and microeconomics; gross domestic product; economic growth and business cycles; unemployment and inflation; aggregate supply and demand; scarcity, opportunity costs and trade; the law of demand and supply; accounting versus economic profits; money and exchange rates; government choices, markets, efficiency and equity; monopoly and competition; externalities, public goods and free riders; globalization and trade policy. Some common economics careers and roles include: banker, academician, auditor, stockbroker, insurer, business manager, retail merchandizer, pricing analyst, statistician, financial consultant and salesperson.

  • To improve skills in effective business communication, problem-solving, decision-making, computer literacy and numerical capabilities
  • To stimulate higher-order thinking skills among students, who are required to be at their best and specialize in their respective areas of study
  • To develop the competitive skills and competencies of students through meaningful industry interactions, thereby improving their employability
  • To provide a conducive value-based learning environment to the students during their studies and inculcate in them, a habit of lifelong independent growth and development.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of various concepts in different subjects in the area, like Language, Arts, management and Social Sciences
    • Explain the relationship between business, culture, values, ethics and services to the community
    • Demonstrate capacity for critical inquiry and logical thinking, and use analytical skills to solve problems in industry and society
    • Synthesize theory and practice within the spheres of their respective subjects for their effective application for the benefit of society.

B. Sc. Economics – 4 Years Curriculum Plan

Sl. NoCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
SEMESTER 1 Level 100
1GST1211English Communication I2GST30
2GST1213Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT2GST30
3GST1215Nigerian People and Culture2GST30
4ACC1311Business Mathematics3Core45
5PSY1311Social Psychology3Core45
6BUA1311Principles of Management3Core45
7BUA1313Business Environment3Core45
SEMESTER 2 Level 100
1GST1222Communication in French2GST30
2GST1224Logical Critical Thinking & Problem Solving2GST30
3GST1226Introduction to Entrepreneurship2GST30
4STA1322Business Statistics3Core45
5ACC1322Research Methodology3Core45
6ECO1322Micro Economics3Core45
7ACC1324Principles of Accounting I3Core45
SEMESTER 3 Level 200
1GST2211English Communication II2GST30
2GST2213Leadership Skills2GST30
3GST2215Core Life Skills & Happiness2GST30
4BAF2313Quantitative Techniques for Business3Core45
5MKT2313Principles of Marketing3Core45
6CSC2319Emerging Technologies3Core45
7CSC2311Digital Transformation for Business3Core45
SEMESTER 4 Level 200
1ECO2322Macro Economics3Core45
2ECO2324Principles of Finance3Core45
3ECO2326History & Structure of Nigerian Economy3Required45
4ECO2328Labour Economics3Required45
5ECO2340Urban and Regional Economics3Required45
6ECO2342History of Economic Thought3Required45
SEMESTER 5 Level 300
2ECO3311Political Economy3Required45
3ECO3313International Economics3Required45
4ECO3315Management Accounting3Required45
5ECO3331Economics of Development3Required45
6ECO3317Mathematical Economics3Required45
7ECO3319Financial Institutions3Required45
SEMESTER 6 Level 300
1ECO3699SIWES(Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) / Industrial Attachment / Project6
SEMESTER 7 Level 400
1ECO4311Monetary Economics3Required45
2ACC4313Financial Accounting & Reporting3Core3045
3ECO4315Introductory Econometrics3Required45
4BAF4317Project Evaluation3Required45
5Elective 1345
6Elective 2345
SEMESTER 8 Level 400
1ECO4322Public Sector Economics3Required45
2ECO4324Operations Research3Required45
3ECO4326Taxation and Fiscal Policy3Required45
4Elective 3345
5Elective 4345
Total Credits for Programme1321,87545
Options for Electives 1 & 2
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
ECO4317Intermediate Micro-Economics3Elective45
ECO4319Intermediate Macro-Economics3Elective45
ECO4331Economics of Production3Elective45
ECO4333Applied Statistics3Elective45
Options for Electives 3 & 4
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
ECO4328Economics Planning3Elective45
ECO4340Comparative Economic Systems3Elective45
ECO4342Advanced Micro-Economics3Elective45
ECO4344Advanced Macro-Economics3Elective45
Project / Internship / SIWES ( Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme)
Course CodeCourse TitleUnitsCategoryLecture (hours)Practical (hours)
ECO3699SIWES / Industrial Attachment / Project6