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Dr Abdulkadir is working at Skyline University Nigeria as Lecturer 1 in the School of Arts, Management and Social Sciences. He speaks two international languages; English and Arabic, and is an Alumnus of the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria where he studied Political Science and International Relations for his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. 

For five consecutive years, Ameen was a research assistant to Senior Professors and H.O.Ds in the areas of Politics and Governance, at Kwara State University, Nigeria. He also trained directly under the Vice President of the International Political Science Association who is also a Senior Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Ilorin. He has taught political science and international relations in public and private universities in Nigeria. He is a member of the Nigerian Political Science Association. He had a decade of experience in the media before crossing to academics and he is an associate member of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, a member, of the Editorial Board of Kwara State House of Assembly Scorecard, also a member, of the Editorial Board, Technium Social Science Journal, Romania. He is the Founder, of the International Media Watch Group for Politics and Good Governance, and has written a number of commentaries and columns in broadcast, print and online media. He has been a classroom teacher at Mandate Secondary School, Kwara State Nigeria. He was the pioneer developer of the school’s scheme of work and curriculum for Civic Education, a new school subject introduced by the Nigerian government as a compulsory field in secondary schools in 2010.

His research interests include; International Relations, Conflict and Peace Studies, Politics and Governance as well as Development Media. He has attended local and international academic conferences, and his works have appeared in reputable local and international journals including Scopus indexed.

Conference and Seminars Presenter/Attended

Participated in a week-long workshop on editorial skills and judgment, organized by Greenwich Media, Garki, Abuja, 2015. 

Presenter/Participant at the 2nd National Conference, organized by the Department of Political Science, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Paper presented: Nigeria’s Trial by the UN, The Bank and The Fund: To Quit or Not? , 2016.

Participant at a one-day Maiden Workshop organised by the Department of Politics and Governance, Kwara State University on Quantitative Research Technique, held at post-graduate school, 2017.

Presenter/Participant at the 6th Biennial International Conference, Organized by the Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Paper presented: Media as an Institution for Building Peaceful Co-Existence among Ethnic Groups in Nigeria: A Study of Share-Tsaragi Community in Kwara State, 2019.

Participant at International Open Conference for Social Science Researchers on Comparative methodology, King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.        


Significant Industry Projects

Development Knowledge Facilitator for Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in Ejigbo, Osun State, Nigeria, between 2008-2009, where he rendered sensitization on the dangers and management of HIV/AIDS in rural communities. 

He was a stakeholder in Covid-19 Safety Reportage: A Project Funded by the European Union.


Best Graduating Student in History, Ilorin Comprehensive High School, 2001.

Best PhD. Academic Recognition for Thesis Originality, Kwara State University, Nigeria, 2019.

Positions & Memberships In Professional Bodies

Member, Nigerian Political Science Association.

Associate Member, Nigerian Union of Journalists.

Journals & Publications

  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A (2022). Implication of Government’s Intervention Programmeme in Communal Conflict: A Comparative Study of Share-Tsaragi and Zango-Kataf Communal Conflicts in North Central Nigeria. Sage Advance
  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A (2022). Governance and Institutional Framework in Kwara State during the Pandemic Era: An Appraisal. (Edited Book Chapter) Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A (2022). The Making of Actors and Victims of Communal Conflicts: Share-Tsaragi in Retrospect. Political Science Review, Department of Political Science, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.
  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A (2021). Rethinking Agriculture as the Fulcrum of Nigerian Economy . Studies in the Social Sciences, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. ISSN: 2736 – 190x.Volume 2(1).
  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A (2021). An Investigation into the Causes of Electoral Violence and Money Politics in Nigeria: A case study of fourth republic. (Edited Book Chapter). Book of Readings on Nigeria’s Fourth Republic, National Open University of Nigeria. ISBN 978-978-33261-45.
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  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A., AMBALI, A., SALAWU, O.I. (2019). African Communal Crises: Examples of Zango-Kataf and Share-Tsaragi Conflicts in Nigeria since the 1990s. Journal of History and International Relations, 2019. ISSN 2465-7336. Vol. 6.1.
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  1. ABDULKADIR, A.A. Radio as a Tool for Promoting Peaceful Co-Existence: Lessons from 2022 UNESCO’s World Radio Day in Nigeria. Accepted for Publication. Routledge Books, U.K.
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