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LL.B. Jurisprudence and International Law (JIL)

The LL.B. Jurisprudence and International Law (JIL) programme combines the philosophy and theory of law taught in jurisprudence with the study of international law, which regulates states' legal ties and international relations. Students can acquire a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the international legal system, legal reasoning, and legal concepts by employing this multidisciplinary programme. Students pursuing an LL.B. in Jurisprudence and International Law examine the nature of law, justice, rights, legal systems and legal conceptions that govern the conduct of states, international organizations and people, globally. The course examines the historical evolution of legal philosophy in addition to fundamental legal theories. Students learn about the settlement of international disputes, the role of international institutions and moral ramifications.

  • To develop students with a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories of jurisprudence.
  • To equip students with advanced skills in legal research and writing.
  • To attain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, sources and institutions of international law.
  • To develop students with the ability to critically analyze legal cases and apply legal theories to practical scenarios.
  1. To equip students with a solid understanding of fundamental legal principles and doctrines.
  2. To enhance critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze legal issues
  3. To equip students with practical advocacy skills through participation in moot court competitions.
  4. To equip students with theoretical knowledge in real-world legal settings.