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M.Sc. Entrepreneurship

M.Sc. Entrepreneurship seeks to prepare the students for a career where they can use their skills as professionals in the field of entrepreneurship. One can be trained to become a professional who can drive and take calculated risks, and also understand the dynamics of a competitive economy. They are focused on business idea generation and making the best of opportunities to craft their own business operation. This programme will blend technology and business and create new opportunities. Upon completion of this programme, students will be prepared to meet the demands of self-employment activities, working with entrepreneurial startups, managing innovative projects, managing strategic business units etc.

  • The programme aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students, fostering creativity, innovation, risk-taking abilities and developing solutions to business challenges.
  • The programme equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop effective business plans and strategies. This includes understanding market dynamics, conducting market research, identifying target customers and formulating competitive strategies.
  • Sc. Entrepreneurship programme focuses on the process of starting and managing new ventures. Students learn various aspects such as opportunity assessment, project feasibility analysis, funding options and legal considerations.
  • The programme aims to develop students’ skills ranging from creativity, innovation, team building, leadership, growth mindset, critical thinking, effective communication, organizational behavior, negotiation and decision-making.
  • The programme provides knowledge on various disciplines of entrepreneurship such as market analysis, human resource management, financial management and planning, budgeting, valuation and different funding sources, including venture capital, angel investors and crowdfunding.
  • Develop entrepreneurship knowledge, analytical skills and decision-making techniques.
  • Build creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Enable students to understand real and complex business problems, to develop design-thinking skills.
  • Train students to prepare their own business proposals for their new start-ups.
  • Prepare students to be competitive in the labour market by giving them the knowledge and the skills they need to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses.
  • Equip students with real-world experience in analyzing the potentials of technology and putting forth innovative commercialization ideas, which are relevant and impactful.