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M.Sc. International Relations and Diplomatic Studies

M.Sc. International Relations and Diplomacy is an advanced academic study of international relations and politics. The Programme trains you to comprehensively understand and analyze contemporary issues within the realm of international relations critically. Matters such as contemporary international politics, diplomacy, foreign policy analysis and international security and strategic studies will be examined critically using various models, approaches and theories. Our curriculum's primary aim is to create career-ready professionals with a robust theoretical foundation and practical know-how. The Programme's renowned faculty, celebrated for their scholarly expertise and practical experience, ensures that students receive an education that keeps pace with the ever-evolving realities of international relations.

Moreover, students are afforded the opportunity to tailor their learning experience through a variety of elective courses, allowing them to specialize in areas that align with their career ambitions and personal interests. The crossroads of different cultures and perspectives provide our students with the opportunity to study international relations in a truly global environment, making Skyline University an excellent choice for aspiring international relations professionals.

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the theories, concepts and practices in the field of International relations.
  • To acquire advanced research and analytical skills necessary to conduct in-depth studies and research in various areas of International Relations, enabling students to contribute to the field through original research and critical analysis.
  • To enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in relation to the challenges and opportunities in foreign relations and policy, International politics, security and other International Relations related matters.
  • To produce the requisite manpower with necessary skills that can help in resolving international problems.
  • To produce individual who can contribute their quota to national development through their knowledge of International Relations.
  • To raise up a crop of scientifically minded individuals who with their knowledge of international relations theories will become distinguished and sufficiently specialized in diplomacy and practice of foreign relations.
  • Enable graduates to acquire advanced skills and competence in the study of international relations theory and practice.
  • Train graduates to develop the ability for critical thinking through a broad knowledge of theoretical and practical issues in international relations.