Skyline University Nigeria

Dear Future Alumni

Dear Future Alumni,

The Alumni Association of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), through the Students service department/future alumni relations office, via the flag or Programmemes of your study, will host various Programmemes to ensure strong relations with and among alumni. Among these Programmemes, you will find the annual reunion already being highlighted in the University’s plan.

Earlier in the year 2018, the commencement of academic journey at Skyline University Nigeria came to the limelight, anchored on a tripod – knowledge, skills and value-based education. In the year 2022, the University is expected to graduate her first set, hence the introduction and commencement of the alumni Programmemes for the institution’s graduates.

The word ‘alumni’ for an imminent graduate is usually considered with a lot of questions. Questions relating to the alumni association of graduates, former students, or the importance and benefits of becoming an alumnus. In Nigeria and elsewhere in the world, alumni of universities, colleges, secondary, and clubs, often form groups with alumni from the same organization or institution. Because Skyline University Nigeria is in its fifth year, of celebrating academic excellence, there is a need to share some prospects of becoming alumni.

The Skyline Experience means much more than your years on campus. It is just as exciting, inspiring and enriching after graduation, and the connection lasts a lifetime. Upon your graduation, all undergraduate and graduate students will automatically become members of the Alumni Association of Skyline University Nigeria. The benefits of this association are so many and there are no dues payable at becoming a member.

One of the benefits you will enjoy upon membership is the automatic incorporation into the career network of Skyline University Nigeria. Powered by the University’s Corporate Affairs Department, the career network will serve as a career contact and can be a resource to alumni who are interested in learning more about the workplace industry, current job openings, businesses, consulting and career paths. It will also feature students who have volunteered to assist each other through career advice and networking. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, you will find this association to be a rewarding way to connect.

There will be almost 100 discussion groups online for you to join. This platform will provide an online forum in which alumni can communicate with each other on a variety of different topics including classes, regions, professions, businesses, marriage, religion, and clubs amongst other interests.