Skyline University Nigeria

School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS)

Ph.D. Accounting

This programme is designed to provide both depth and breadth of knowledge in subject-areas for candidates who wish to obtain a higher degree of competence in Accounting. The programme's coursework will sharpen scholars’ theoretical and practical knowledge of all areas of accounting, to provide them with the required analytical skills for thorough understanding of accounting practices across the globe. The process of meeting the thesis requirements further sharpens the scholars’ analytical skills, research capacity and problem-solving ability in the broad area of the Accounting discipline. The programme is primarily aimed at preparing scholars for academic careers in Accounting at levels of higher institutions of learning, and for other research-oriented jobs in both the private and public sectors.

  • The doctoral programme in Accounting is designed to provide specialized education and training for researchers, in tertiary institutions as well as for high level business managers.
  • The programme aims to develop scholars’ research skills and expertise in accounting, in the key aspects of advanced research methodologies, data collection and analysis techniques.
  • Ph.D. programme in accounting focuses on deepening scholars’ understanding of accounting theory, concepts and principles.
  • Scholars gain a comprehensive understanding of various areas of accounting, such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, taxation and accounting information systems.
  • Scholars learn to analyze and interpret accounting research literatures, identify research gaps and develop theoretical foundations for their own research.
  • To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of accounting. Doctoral candidates are expected to conduct original and independent research that adds to the existing body of knowledge and addresses gaps or unresolved issues in accounting theory, practice or methodology.
  • To prepare scholars to make original contributions to the field of accounting through their research.
  • To focus on preparing scholars to publish their research in reputable academic journals and present their findings at conferences.
  • To provide opportunities for professional development and networking.
  • To organize guidance on job market preparation, academic job search strategies and developing a strong academic profile, including building a publication record and establishing a research agenda.
  • A successful completion of the doctoral programme requires an ability to make full and intensive use of relevant concepts, tools, modern accounting techniques and an ability to communicate these to other people.