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Ph.D. International Relations

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Relations is a research qualification that can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Candidates are expected to conduct advanced and original research leading to the completion of a thesis within the specified time, usually six semesters (3years). Candidate on part-time route may need more time to complete the research. The Ph.D. programme in International Relations represents an excellent opportunity to expose scholars to the nitty gritty of issues in the wider areas of Politics, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy. The rigorous exposure to the fieldwork and theoretical debates enables the would-be candidates to reflect meaningfully on the complexities of issues that pervade the international system. Depending on the area of focus, a candidate undergoing Ph.D. study in Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is exposed to international environments where scholars are drawn from various fields of International Relations. 

We have seasoned scholars who have travelled widely and garnered experiences that enable them engage in meaningful supervision, monitoring and advising. Running a Ph.D. programme in SUN will be a life-long experience for candidates because of the availability of serene environments and excellent learning and research facilities, with up-to-date research materials in our virtual library. The Ph.D. programme in International Relations is thus suitable for academics, foreign affairs analysts, media practitioners, public policy analysts, military officers, think thank fellows/researchers and staff of foreign affairs ministries. The programme is designed to respond to the need and aspiration of the aforementioned professionals. The primary Ph.D. fields are: International Development and Environmental Policy, International Security, Human Security and Humanitarian Affairs, International Business and Multinational Corporations, Foreign Policy, Regionalism and Multilateralism, Gender Study, International Law.

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the theories, concepts and practices in the field of International relations to enhance   candidate’s ability to conduct quality research. 
  • To become an international arena with sound intellectual stimulation to researchers and future decision-makers that respond to future global challenges.
  • To acquire advanced research and analytical skills necessary to conduct in-depth studies and research in various areas of International Relations, enabling scholars to contribute to the field through original research and critical analysis.
  • To enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in relation to the challenges and opportunities in foreign relations and policy, international politics, security and other International Relations related matters.
  • Enable graduates to acquire advanced skills and competent research, theory and practice of International Relations with specification to candidate research interest. 
  • Train graduates to develop the ability for critical thinking through a broad knowledge of theoretical and practical issues in International Relations.
  • To raise up a crop of scientifically minded individuals who with their knowledge of International Relations theories will become distinguished and sufficiently specialized in their areas of research.
  • Produce graduates who are equipped with relevant skills and ability to publish high quality research journals, books and materials related to their areas of specialization.