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Ph.D. Software Engineering

The use of technology has increased over the years, eventually leading to an increase in demand for software engineering. The Doctor of Philosophy in Software Engineering (Ph.D. - SE) programme takes an applied approach to Software Engineering and research. It provides a broad area for scholars to do their extensive research in their specialized area which is related to software engineering, to record the unbiased and systematic observations, accurate documentation and interpretation of facts and phenomena with a view to generating a body of knowledge. Research scholars will get hands-on experience, explore advanced topics, learn the very latest concepts and have the opportunity to propose their own research. They will also be able to build a portfolio of work while completing their doctoral studies.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of diverse current and advanced topics in software engineering, encompassing both fundamental principles and cutting-edge methodologies.
  • Foster the ability to independently conduct and contribute to significant research in the field of software engineering, demonstrating originality, innovation and rigorous methodology.
  • Cultivate the skills to analyze, synthesize and critically evaluate information from various sources in the context of software engineering, enabling the formulation of logical and well-reasoned arguments for effective problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Promote a mindset of continuous self-learning and staying updated with emerging trends and advancements in software engineering, enabling the proposal of novel computational techniques and models to address complex software-related challenges.
  • Enhance the proficiency in effectively communicating and presenting research findings and technical material in software engineering, both in written and oral formats to diverse audiences. Emphasize clarity, coherence and the ability to convey the impact of research contributions in the field.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of core software engineering concepts, theories and principles.
  • Identify research gaps and formulate original research ideas in the field of software engineering.
  • Develop strong information literacy skills to identify and evaluate relevant sources of information.
  • Stay updated with the latest scientific and engineering trends and tools in the field of computer science and software engineering.
  • Enhance oral communication skills to effectively present research findings and technical concepts to diverse audiences.