Skyline University Nigeria

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives

A great asset of any University is its students and Alumni, and its reputation to a large extent depends on the performance of these students and alumni outside the University precinct. The Convocation comprising the Principal Officers, Lecturers and Alumni of the University is a Forum for interaction between the University and its Alumni.


Convocation shall consist of:

  • The Chancellor as the Chairman
  • The Principal Officers of the University
  • All Lectures who are graduates and
  • All other persons whose names are registered, being a person who is either a graduate of the University or a person satisfying such requirements as may be prescribed for the purpose of this paragraph; and he applies for the registration of his name in the prescribed manner and pays the prescribed fees;
  • The Registrar – Secretary

In the absence of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor shall act as the Chairman.

Convocation shall have such functions, in addition to the function of appointing a member of the Council, as may be provided by statute. It is also the duty of the convocation to organize and formally convene for the purpose of conferment of degrees and awards of prizes.

The Convocation shall also implement recommendations and enlist such persons of proven integrity in the society for Honorary and merit awards during Convocation Ceremonies of the University.