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Skyline University Nigeria conducts Workshop on Playwriting and Storytelling for Students

The General Studies Department (GST), in collaboration with the Music and Theatre Club at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), has jointly organized a workshop on playwriting and storytelling for GST students and the Music and Theatre Club, today, 20th March 2024.

The workshop was meant to equip students with information and knowledge to identify their talents in the music and theatre industries. It was also to enable the students to learn from the experience of experts in the industry so that they could become better.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Sudha Mavuri, the Dean of the School of Arts, Management and Social Sciences (SAMSS), said the resource person has vast experience in storytelling from a tender age and hence has knowledge to share. She also thanked the resource person for coming to speak to SUN students.

The guest speaker, Ms. Ananda Keswani, founder and director of Drama Club Kano, started by expressing her appreciation to SUN for inviting her to talk to the students. She said the music and theatre industry has a profound impact on youths by strengthening their confidence and unveiling their creativity.

She engaged the students in theatre performances so that they could understand the demonstrating behaviors and attitudes. Some of the students who were part of the exercise displayed characters of excitement, anger, fear, shock, e.t.c. In other exercises, students used dialogues to demonstrate the power of words in different kinds of conversations.

Ms. Keswani explained that with every word being said, the power of emotions is attached. She advised the students to be careful of their emotions when stepping into the big moments of their lives. “The workshop is all about awareness—making you aware of your emotions so that you can tell stories better,” she added.

In her closing remarks, Habiba Magaji Bala, a student from the Music and Theatre Club at the university, thanked Ms. Keswani on behalf of the students that attended the workshop. She also applauded Dr. Ajayi Olumide, a lecturer in the General Studies Department (GST), for ensuring the smooth running of the workshop. She said the students had so much to learn, especially because the session was very practical and she hoped for similar workshops in the future.

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