Skyline University Nigeria

Faculty Development Workshop

SUN conducts Faculty Development Workshop on Effective Teaching

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has conducted a Faculty Development Workshop (FDP) for its faculty staff. The session, facilitated by Mr. Anantram Ganapati, was done to equip the faculty with new knowledge on effective teaching pedagogies.

Giving his remarks during the session, the Vice-chancellor of SUN, Prof. Ajith Kumar V. V., said the biggest challenge for professionals is to train tutors and lecturers. He admitted that changing for new things due to dynamic technology and diverse student expectations is quite challenging but extremely important for lecturers.

Delivering the presentation, Mr. Ganapati explained that “there’s never a bad student.” Therefore, teachers should always strive to be the best guides for their students. He also said that the application of knowledge into teaching by tutors allows students to be fully engaged in the process of learning.

Enclosed in his presentation titled ‘The New Age Teacher Why There’s a Need to Transform’, the guest speaker stated that the challenges of managing students are becoming increasingly intense due to technological advancement, with AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, e. t. c.

He motivated the staff to keep up with technology trends and focus on changing the mindset of the students. Also, he offered teaching pedagogies like flip teaching, project-based learning and active learning, which the faculty easily identified with.

In her closing remarks, the Dean of the School of Arts, Social and Management Sciences (SAMSS), Dr. Sudha Mavuri, said Mr. Ganapati has only ignited the fire in the faculty to do more with new knowledge. She explained that in the last teaching effectiveness workshop held for faculty, they were able to showcase success stories in the application of teaching pedagogies and skills acquisition for students.