Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Held the Maiden Edition of Entrepreneurship Workshop

driven through social entrepreneurship. Mr. Fahad urged the students of Skyline University Nigeria to have a development plan while they are in the university so that they can build soft skills through their undergraduate journey. These soft skills will enable them to whether any storm which comes their way in their entrepreneurial journey. The Guest Lecturer gave this admonition amongst others while delivering a lecture titled “The Journey to Entrepreneurship” on Thursday, November 28th 2019 at the Entrepreneurship Lab of the university.

Mr Fahad, who emphasized on the need to have an idea, build a business plan with which one can predict his/her entrepreneurial journey in the most detailed pieces, said that “entrepreneur journey is not a straight line. When you start your journey defined with your business plan, sometimes your plan will have to be adjusted if you are to grow and build a successful business.

He highlighted things to do to achieve a successful business plan and management that can guaranty entrepreneurship success. Among his suggestions is reading books of great entrepreneurs, penning down ideas, learning to explain the business idea and how to stand out from competitors, market analysis, organization and management, services/products branding, marketing and financial projections. He added that students should develop a professional LinkedIn account and that they should believe in what they stand for and face whatever challenge.

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The principles of entrepreneurship, he noted, start from students getting involved in some of the events held on campus, ranging from serving as organizers and volunteers as well as becoming part of students trainee Programmemes. He said further that this act will help them to find their passion and build soft skills. He also said that the right ideas will always evolve in time but it’s important to start something at a smaller scale and grow with it through support from business mentors that may be into what you are planning to do.

During the questions and answers interactive session, the Registrar, Mr. Firoj Routa expressed appreciation to Mr. Fahad for delivering a highly impactful lecture. The guest speaker reacted to all the questions asked by the faculty members, staff and students that were present at the event.

While giving his closing remark, the Vice-chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Professor Sudhakar Kota commended the coordinator of the Programmeme, Engr. Bashir Garba and his team for their efforts and thanked members of the management for their contributions towards the success of the event. He specifically appreciated the guest speaker for taking out time to honour the invitation and appealed to the students to maximize the opportunity.