Skyline University Nigeria

SUN launches Skyline University International Model of United Nations (SUIMUN)

The Department of International Relations at Skyline University Nigeria has launched the Skyline University International Model of United Nations (SUIMUN) for students within the discipline and others studying social science courses. This is in a bid to train the students on the demands of their career path and how they can excel after graduation.

In the opening remarks, Prof. Ajith Kumar V.V, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria expressed his happiness that the model has come to life and it is a result of so much calculated efforts and careful planning. He said the initiative is a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in presentation, critical thinking and public speaking.


He added that students should be proud of the moment as one they would cherish throughout their entire lives. While congratulating the Head of the Department of International Relations Mr.Farid Illo, the Vice-Chancellor said the university is proud to attain yet another milestone with his careful coordination and dedication. I know, it was not an easy task for you, Mr Farid, he said.

In his virtual speech, Mr Ronald Kayanja, the Director of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Nigeria started by congratulating SUN for this achievement. He said the work of the United Nations (UN) cuts across our daily activities – economics, agriculture, health, peace and security among others.

He urged students to cull from the four reasons why the UN was formed which include global peace and security and enabling harmonious relations among nations. The UN will be happy to support the initiative in the best possible way and he hopes SUIMUN can make important contributions in global discourses, he said.

In a similar remark Dr Seyi Soremekun, the National Information Officer of UNIC said, the United Nations is a gigantic pillar in the development of nations as it actively supports countries to attain globally set targets – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He states that SUIMUN is a great way for students to have a first-hand experience outside class lessons.


The HOD on his part said he is beyond elated that the university supported the initiative fully until its realization. He then challenged the students to unveil and upgrade their speaking skills as SUIMUN entails debates, negotiations and decision-making. He hopes the initiative will have an impact that would be felt globally.

The Dean of the School of Arts, Management and Social Science (SAMSS) Dr Sudha Mavuri and Director of Academic Support Services (DASS) Sarada Maganti, who were all present at the event advised the students to maximally utilize the opportunity presented to them.