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Students of Physiotherapy Department at SUN conduct Seminar for the University’s Security Department

As part of their course requirements, students from the Department of Physiotherapy conducted a session for security personnel on the effects of Hypertension/High Blood Pressure. The seminar focused on educating the security personnel on the risks of contracting the disease and how they can be minimized.

During her presentation, Aisha Kabir Shehu, a level 200 student from the Department of Physiotherapy highlighted exercise, lack of sleep, pregnancy in women, menopause stage in women and obesity as some of the major causes of High Blood Pressure that are recorded today.


She added that Age and Gender are also determinants of hypertension. As individual ages, he or she is more prone to the risks of increased blood pressure which is a natural sign of growth, she said. On the part of gender, she highlighted that women are more vulnerable to the risks of contracting the disease as they tend to deal with a lot of emotional challenges as homemakers.

Other less worrisome causes of high blood pressure include excitement, anxiety and exercise. She said these conditions are normal psychological activities in the human body that increases the work of the brain and heart thereby increasing the heart rate and blood pressure.

On his part, Auwal Sadiq Abdullahi, who is also from the same department level 200 said, he learnt a lot about leadership and organization. He expressed his satisfaction as the security personnel were attentive throughout the session and asked many questions regarding the topic discussed.

One of the participants Ciroma Gana said that he thoroughly enjoyed the session. He’s more conscious of his health now and has the right information to minimize the risks of contracting HBP. The blood pressure of the security staff were measured at the end of the session.