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A suite of courses that meet the demands of today’s digital world. The ICDL courses enable you to reach the digital skills standard required for Academic excellence and Occupational effectiveness in technology-reliant roles. ICDL is recognized by over 22,000 academic institutions, as well as qualification authorities, governments, NGOs and employers around the world.

The ICDL profile qualification framework incorporates the essential ICT skills that bridge the digital literacy gap and the education-work expectation gap. It offers you the choice, flexibility and relevance as to your study major or personal interest. Participants will be empowered with skills in up to 30 different courses.

Programme Objective


Designed to build the critical digital skills for those aspiring to excel in today’s Academic, Occupational Entrepreneurship and Digital space. The ICDL Courses will enable participants to;

1. Acquire the latest digital skills required for effective studies and for the workforce upon graduation.

2. Become exposed and familiar with the latest technology and tools.

3.  Attain an appreciable level computer literacy.

4. Raise their level of knowledge and competence on ICT, computers, and computer applications.

5. Understand global best practices in using computers and other related devices.

6. Increase their productivity while using computers.

7.  Achieve better returns from investment in ICT.

Bridge the digital literacy gap, Boost your Academic Abilities and employability by achieving global recognition with tokens of attestations of your acquired digital skill like the ICDL Digital Skills Badge, ICDL Course Certificate and SUN Course Completion Certificate.

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