The Right Questions to Ask When Getting Back to School

The possibility of getting back to school after such a long wait can be exciting, as the possibility of a much anticipated National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) deployment notice in Nigeria. What will one do? What adventures lie in store? What should one need? And how will it all turn out?

SUN Student’s Organization Club – Meets Hauwa Janan Aliyu

Every orator’s journey is said to have begun with a single speech. During his/her journey, he/she learns to listen, plan, tell their own stories, and lead. Skyline University Nigeria on Thursday hosted a speech and debate contest organized by the student’s organization to promote communication, public speaking and leadership skills amongst them.

Know Your GPA – Why it’s Important

The ability to navigate through an organization is key in quick success at any company. Although employers recognized that organizational experience is one of the important criteria for recruitment, some of them have argued that having a minimum GPA is more important because once this was met, experience would take precedence in their choice, especially with upper-class students seeking full-time employment.