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Negative Impact of Consuming Junk Foods


Junk food generally refers to eatables that contribute to monstrous calories but are of exceptionally little nutritional value. These are prepared foods, regularly high in salt, fat, and sugar. Due to this, they are moreover known as HFSS (tall in fat, salt and sugar) food. These food recipes are tasty and engaging, but as well much intake of junk food items can affect one’s health drastically. It can be a treat to the taste buds, but their sick impacts are broadly known. Consuming them routinely can have adverse impacts on your health and may cause irreparable harm to the body. Getting a fast snack on your way to work is the modern breakfast slant. Moreover, solid home-made dinners are supplanted by easily available foods from your favorite quick food items. Presently in modern days’ children and adults favor these foods and tend to satisfy their nutrition necessity. Whereas it may be only satisfying the taste for tongue, there’s exceptionally insignificant nutrition value in these junk foods.


What are junk foods?

Any food with zero or negligible nutritional value high in fat and trans fat substance, can be named junk food. Most of the fast foods, including candy, chocolate, fried pies, soft drinks, pastries, pizza, cookies bakery products, crackers, burgers, Samosas, Bondas, Poorie-paratha-chapati (Indian food) etc.  along with salty and oily foods can be termed junk food. They are high in calories, salts and fats, and are typically low in vitamins, minerals and other nutritional contents.


Harmful effects of consuming Junk foods

  • Obesity – can lead to numerous medical issues, such as diabetes, joint pain, and heart diseases.
  • Depression – Eating intemperate sums of junk food may increase your chance of depression.
  • Insulin resistance – Fast food is filled with purge carbohydrates, which can lead to expanded blood sugar and insulin resistance.
  • Learning and memory issues – High intake of sugars and fats tend to suppress the work of the brain that makes a difference in learning and memory formation. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
  • Loss of appetite and digestion – One of the terrible impacts of junk food is overeating. One may end up eating more than they require due to the variance in their blood sugar levels. It makes the brain demand more food than the normal requirement.
  • Heart disease – Diet high in salt regularly increases a person’s blood pressure, making a individual more inclined to heart attacks, stroke, kidney infection, or heart disease. (The Food & Drug Administration).
  • Dental Issues – The sugar and carbohydrates in fast food consuming may create acids that can hurt tooth enamel which can bring dejected dental cleanliness.
  • Skin Issues – Junk food devours carbohydrates and fats which may lead to generate spots on the skin. starch and sugar are huge in fast food like potato fries, finger chips, pizza, ground sirloin sandwich bread, potato chips can additionally make your skin irritation and pain.
  • High Blood Pressure – Fast food is for the foremost portion overwhelming in sodium which can raise blood pressure or irritate heart issues, including blockage and heart failure.

Guidelines for avoiding junk food consumption and practicing home food

Drink Water

Avoid getting extremely hungry

Eat More Protein and regular meals

Take Spinach leaves Extract

Good sleep and manage the stress

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Eat cooked food alternatives to junk food

Healthy snacks



Junk food can harm both children and adults since it contains a lot of sugar and fat. Consuming junk food habitually lead to distinctive serious and chronicle illnesses. Moreover, as few those might not be cured. Subsequently, always we should be little alert in consuming fast food consuming concurring to your well-being conditions to evade any long lasting suffering. Basic supplements are key to solid development and improvement. Such unhealthy habits and insufficient levels of nutrition will affect the improvement of the brain and different other parts of the body. As a result, nutritionists don’t favor intake of junk foods in abundance due to their sick effects on a body’s growth and development.




Dr. Senthil Kumar, is an Associate Professor of Finance and Business Management in Skyline University Nigeria. He has a PhD. in Business Management from Bharathiar University, India.

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