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5 Tips for Prospective Undergraduate Students

University admissions in Nigeria are based on complete academic history and achievement in three main areas: grades, completion of required subjects and passing your JAMB examinations.

Students applying for admissions from Secondary schools must show that they have successfully completed five academic subjects with Maths and English inclusive. Academic subjects usually vary by Programmeme and faculty the students are applying for.

Eligibility of candidates for courses or Programmemes of their choice is considered by the Admissions Committee. An individual faculty member has limited influence on the outcome of your application. Whether or not you are accepted depends on your academic preparation and funding for tuition. Here are five things to do before you apply for admission:

Make Sure your University Meets Students’ Satisfaction
If you’re going to look in details, make sure the university has student’s satisfaction scores than ranking. It’s better to go to a university where current students are happy. You’ll realize there’s more to life than ranking and therefore gain the most from a university where you enjoy studying and living.

Think about Employability
Employability factor is a way to know if you should study a course or not. One should look at the success rate, what students actually do after graduation and what the university can offer in terms of career prospects are important factors to be considered. This may be important if you want to work in a competitive industry in which work experience will help you stand out.

Visit the Campus
Visiting campus is one of the most important factors in making a decision about your university experience. It helps to determine if a university is a good fit for you.

Follow up
After sending in your university application, mark off the date you sent it in and start your follow-up as soon as you’ve passed your UTME/post UTME examinations. Follow-up on the status of your admissions two weeks after the aforementioned examinations before the deadline of receiving an admission letter.

When admitted, always demand more from the University
Some universities may not provide you with the services they advertise during the inquiry process and it is not good enough. From day one if you’re not getting the lectures you expected, the skills/career training they promised, quality of teaching deemed reasonable, and access to clubs, societies, careers services, health centres and accommodation, ask questions and demand answers.