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Best time to visit campus before your admission is due

Lots of people have struggled through the decision of joining a university by looking through online and JAMB brochures/catalogues to help narrow down what university match their academic needs but have failed to visit as many campuses they are interested in. A campus visit will help you to decide what is most comfortable for you and help you see how you would be in that environment.

The best way for a student to determine if a prospective university is a good match is to experience the university firsthand. Although campus visits may sometimes be disappointing, especially when you visit during the wrong time. So, It’s best to align your visit with the school’s calendar, not your own. If you visit during the semester break, you may miss out seeing what the students look like, how comfortable you may feel amongst them. Giving the aforementioned, therefore, when is the best time to visit a prospective university?

Visit when school is in session

It’s advisable to visit the campus when school is in session, preferably during the fall (First) or spring (Second) Semester. This will give you the opportunity to get a feel of the student’s body, see how crowded or empty the university campus is, observe the flow of students to and fro classes, and chat with a few students in the library, bookstore, cafeteria or just sitting on a park bench in-between classes and ask them few questions about how they feel studying there.

Visit during your senior secondary year

Because most universities management is looking to increase inclusion and diversity in their student’s body, they’ve organized campus tours for secondary/college students to come get a feel of the university. In this sense, there are many events that are specifically for future students that you’ll get to attend. But note, you’ll likely get the ‘glossy’ view of the campus. On the positive side, however, you’ll have a chance to see cool experiments, take part in fun activities or have access to areas that are normally closed to regular visitors. Because this kind of visit is professionally organized by your school management, it gives the opportunity to meet and chat with professors, who can be quite gracious and generous with their time.

Schedule a date with the university

You can also schedule a date with the university so you don’t arrive when the campus is deserted. Call the university or look on the university’s website for the academic calendar to find out when breaks, reading periods and exam periods are scheduled.