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Rental Books as Yardstick for Promoting Academic Excellence in Skyline University Nigeria

This is not possible without reading and learning from books. Books explore creativity and clarity in student and it is a teaching tool for Faculty. Books improve our communication skills. They help us to express thoughts in a speech that required lots of words in the vocabulary (Richaudeau, 2013).

A number of scholars have noted that books offer several possibilities for the organization of learning; from practical experience to theory; from theory to practical exercises with an assessment of what has been learned; from practical exercises to theoretical elaboration; from statements to examples and illustration; – from examples and illustrations to observation and analysis.

According to Morgan (2014), well-designed textbooks have the potential to make learning more fun, lasting, and meaningful and may actively engage learners’ cognition in many ways, through such mechanisms as visual processing, analytical thinking, posing questions, testing hypotheses, and verbal reasoning.

A textbook can be conceived therefore as a working tool either for the Faculty member or for the students. Books quench the thirst for knowledge. Through books, people learn about how things work, understand different cultures and comprehend the history of things. The right books are full of useful information that helps us become smarter, sharper, more skilled and more opened to new ideas.

Given the above, it is therefore imperative that institutions of higher learning should offer an in-house rental Programmeme in the library, available for any given title as this has been the practice at Skyline University Nigeria. At Skyline University Nigeria Library, rental books have been used in promoting academic excellence. Rental books are also called core text meaning books and other texts that students have to read consistently in their day to day studies. They are generally materials that the students have to use so as to master the basics in their courses. Each individual course a student has to take in a semester must be allocated a core text and these core textbooks normally contain 70-80% of the content per course per semester.

Rentals books are given to students of Skyline University Nigeria at the first instance of the semester and are expected to be returned on the last day of their semester. This is certainly aimed to prepare the students to study ahead of their faculties and it strongly complements and promotes academic excellence in Skyline University Nigeria.


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Mr Kabiru Danladi Garba, CLN, is a Librarian at Skyline University Nigeria. He has an MSc in Library and Information Sciences from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria.

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