Skyline University Nigeria

International Students

  1. Normally, SUN will not keep any student's passport after completing visa process will be on student's custody.
  2. Student upon arrival and completion of the visa process would sign an undertaken to resubmit his/her passport when required to SUN, and s/he will be fully responsible for any legal issues and fines that may arise for delaying submission.
  3. SUN have the right to report student who abscond as per Nigerian authority’s instructions, if s/he is not present at SUN and not committed to study without any valid reason(s) for 7 days.
  4. Student should seek SUN's approval before leaving the country if traveling during any academic year.
  5. Students can keep passports with SUN for safe keeping if they wish to, and they can as well withdraw them by completing the Passport Withdrawal Application Form.

Student's Visa

PRO provides essential assistance and support to international students to help them better adapt to life at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN). Among its numerous tasks is to help international students comply with immigration regulations during their time at the university.

New International Students with no Nigerian residence permit

Once an international student is accepted by SUN, the Admission department sends the Student Visa Request Form to Administration, which must be submitted along with one passport copy and six new coloured passport-size photographs (white background). The Administration department after checking the documents forward the application to HRD/PRO. The PRO then applies for the student’s residence visa through the department of immigration in Nigeria.

SUN grants student visa to students selectively based on the merit of each request. Admission to SUN cannot therefore be construed or deemed as a right for obtaining visa. The Admission Officer fills in the Student Visa Processing Request Form on receipt of the request.  Visas are granted for enrollment in SUN’s Programmes only. The student visa sponsored by SUN will be for the period of study undertaken by the student, and will be cancelled once the student completes his study with SUN. The visa will be cancelled within two months (60 days) from the date a student is awarded his/her degree. The student visa is granted by the ministry for a period of 1 year. The visa is extended (renewed) if the student continues to be a bona-fide student of SUN.

  1. Photocopy of student’s passport pages detailing personal details, date of issue and expiry. The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 8 months at the time of request for processing of student visa
  2. 12th Standard Certificate in English or a notarized copy of English translation if the certificate is in any other language
    • Graduation transcript and degree certificate for student’s seeking admission for the SC. Programme
  3. 6 passport-sized coloured photograph of the student (white background).
  4. Police clearance and medical certificate, if required
    • Students on visit/transit visa at the time of seeking admission into SUN Programmes should endorse their visa instead of exit country before their visa can be processed
    • Visa processing fee (visa processing at the time of entry and visa cancellation at the time of exit).

After the visa has been issued, the admission officer will forward the scanned copy to the student via email. The original copy of the student visa will be deposited by the PRO at the airport, port of entry of the student.  Now a day’s e-visa is issued by Ministry, therefore there is no requirement of visa to be deposited.  A student must carry a photocopy of the e-visa sent to him/her by the admission officer of SUN through e-mail before departing the country of origin.  The student will be received by the PRO and taken to the hostel. Students must hand over the original visa documents and original passports to the SUN PRO for safe keeping and processing of residence visa. If the student has a local guardian, in such cases the original copy of the student visa can be handed over to the student’s relative or guardian for submission at the airport of entry.

The student will be required to undergo and pass a medical examination undertaken by the Nigerian Health authorities before his residence visa can be processed. The SUN PRO will assist the student in this process.  Any change in the student’s place of residence, postal address, telephone number/s must be disclosed to SUN authorities immediately. The student is prohibited from taking up any employment while s/he holds SUN visa. SUN’s HR department will retain the passport for safe custody during the period of the student's study in SUN. Any willful negligence or disregard of this essential proviso will lead to disciplinary action(s) being meted against the student. All such action(s) will be initiated by a Disciplinary Committee constituting representatives from the Human Resource Department, Finance Department, Administration Department and Academics and recommendation presented to the President for his approval and ratification.

  1. Students should make travel reservations to SUN as soon as visa copy is received
  2. Students must notify the admission department of their flight details at least 72 hours before departure date (flight number, airport, arrival date and time) through e-mail
  3. Students should carry SUN’s correspondence (letter of admission or transfer evaluation) and items of identification (valid passport and visa copy)
  4. Students should present the e-visa copy at immigration in the airport upon arrival in Nigeria (Kano Airport). Students can print a copy of e-visa emailed and enter the country.
  1. Students should look for SUN representatives - at the airport with their name boards
  2. Students must visit the admission department for submission of passport and signing of documents
  3. Students should meet the PRO for medical checkup and stamping of the permanent residence on the passport.