Skyline University Nigeria

Advanced Digital Skills; A prerogative to Completing Undergraduate Programmemes?

In a world where digital technology rules, incorporating digital tools and services in the curriculum of students has become one of the priorities of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), the first international private university in Kano State. This method has been instrumental in so many ways, in helping students develop critical thinking and be a more independent entrepreneur in the future.

While academic success may have been defined as the extent to which a student has completed his/her educational benchmarks, at Skyline University Nigeria, the introduction of value-added learning analytics and incorporating digital system, changes the learning scenario. Thus, it becomes more adaptive to students liking and provides quality to their overall academic success.

In Skyline University Nigeria, Advanced digital skills is a prerogative to completing undergraduate Programmemes, as well as provides the tools to motivate students to benefit from the latest technology during their learning process. The university provides a heterogeneous training plan that accommodates teaching with different technology backgrounds in ICT, Media, and other soft skills training, relevant to their entrepreneurial progression. Skills that can be acquired via this learning process can drive up the employment value of the students.

The Programmeme is designed to help students succeed during and after the completion of their undergraduate journey. Incorporating teamwork, peer-to-peer learning scenarios, project and critical thinking in a blended classroom environment, where besides the traditional teaching, students can learn amongst their peers in the students’ clubs of the university. Our concept is simple: to implement ideas that will transform our graduates to employers of labour.

The goal is to develop more advanced digital skills in the learning process that will be sustainable to the students of Skyline University Nigeria in the long run, through developing an applicable business plan that will allow all students to participate and thus form a federated market-place for the learning community.