Skyline University Nigeria

Benefits of living in University’s Hostel

freedom available at the hostel, etc. Due to these reasons, students come from far and near to be part of this memorable experience. No doubt, moving into the university’s hostels for the first time is one of life’s biggest moment for many undergraduate students. It is also considered by many as a turning point for the establishment of new relationships.

Hence, from the point of registering for the university’s accommodation to when students will be graduating from the university and leaving the hostel, students are likely going to meet with fellow students they have never met before. Perhaps, peers from the same department, students clubs, sports team, faculty and the likes. The experience of being a resident of the hostel at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is even more exciting with a lot of advantage for the undergraduate students.

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Students’ Hostel caters for both domestic and international students and offers a range of options which includes self-sufficient hostel rooms on a twin sharing basis or a single self-contain, where each room is equipped with study tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, table lamps, 24 hours free internet, recreation facilities, available transportation including weekends. This makes living and studying at Skyline University Nigeria a lot easier.

The students at SUN are encouraged to develop community life and inculcate the spirit of tolerance, thus taking care of their psychological and emotional needs and shaping themselves to be better citizens. Some of the advantages available for students residing in the university’s hostels include less distance from campus; dedicated security personnel etc.

Preference in University’s Activities

Students can access the university’s library from their hostel, through the library online portal. They can equally access physical books whenever they are on campus and equally use the university’s recreational centre during their free hours to play indoor games (Table Tennis, Pool, Fussball, Video Games etc). For this category of students, the university’s hotel has become a second home. This has, in turn, makes off-campus students feel they are missing a lot.

Better concentration on studies

When a person lives in SUN campus hostel he/she is off the worries of home and hence he can properly concentrate better on studies. You don’t have to change your schedule just because of some guests or you do not have to do the household work. Hence you get proper time to study. Hostel life teaches a person to become independent and more responsible. You get new self-confidence when you have to manage your things by yourself.

You make lots of friends

With more students now taking accommodation at the university, There are more chances of making new friends, learning about each other and gaining lifelong experience as well as sharing common interests.