Skyline University Nigeria

Cheating Examinations Doesn’t Reflect a Students Intelligence

Too often students placed more emphasis on making good grades and very little emphasis is placed on studies, building soft skills or building intelligence in school. But, there is no substitute for being able to think, solve problems, analyze situations, and understand social values, customs and norms, as required in the workplace without due intelligence. That’s what you get from going to school and learning the right way. Students who studied hard to pass an examination can succeed more in the workplace because they have learnt to manage a problem or situation from their participation in such examinations. 

Being attuned to graduate work life is even more significant in analyzing the problems of cheating examinations in the undergraduate days. Here, you will be required to understand, express and manage your own emotions, maintain good social relationships as well as think clearly and solve problems under pressure. Let’s try this exercise. Recall a recent incident where you happened to cheat examination and still manage to get the desired grade. Visualise your knowledge of the course or subject taken as an observer and not a participant. This self-awareness will help you see that you didn’t remember anything from the semester in which you cheated.

It is for these reasons that Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has made it important for students to study intelligently, build relationship bond and be assertive, as well as to give back to society and be helpful. In addition to learning and develop the skill of impulse control, the ability to resist temptations to act professionally, etc. which are some of the core areas for students overall development.

The sure way to think, solve problems, analyze situations, and understand social values, customs and norms, and competencies, is to work them. Just like strengthening your muscles through exercise, the only way to build these competencies required in the workplace is if you practice working them. If you want to build your biceps, you do need to do heavy weight lifting to improve them. The same thing applies to developing one’s intelligence. If you want to make an enviable grade and have the knowledge stayed with you, you will need to study hard.

The more you commit to studying, as well as learning other skills as an undergraduate, the better your personal and professional lives will be. Take the advantage of the resources and facilities available in SUN to learn to solve problems and communicate your skills better.