Skyline University Nigeria

Cyber Security and Penetration Testing Expert Trains Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) IT Hub on Tackling Cyber Crimes

Mr. Shehu Awwal who delivered a training on the theme, Ethical Harking: OS Internal, Reconnainance & Exploitation, said that the impact of fraudulent cyber hackers could be far-reaching and impacting negatively as much as the economy of the nation, potential and present investors, shareholders, employees amongst others. Hence the importance of the training on the university’s IT Hub on how to work with Linux and Virtualization.

He noted that there was a collective responsibility that involves stakeholders, management, the board of trustees, audit committee as well as students to finding software bug or vulnerabilities and reporting to the right authority as well as the sheer need for them to protect themselves from cybercriminals. “This cybersecurity training is tailored together with Social Engineering that ensures organizations and individuals are well educated and aware of future phishing and malicious email attacks” he stated.

Earlier in his remarks, Dr. Ahmed Haruna stated that the training was in line with the mission that led to the establishment of the SUN IT Hub, to nurture young talent that would help shape the future of Nigeria while using the Hub to seek external collaborations from IT industries and Government parastatals, as well as increasing their problem-solving skills through solving social and industrial challenges.

He appreciated the guest speaker and trainer for making out time to come amidst his busy work schedule to deliver hands-on training on Cybersecurity to the students. He also expressed his appreciation for ensuring that the training was to the benefits of the students which will greatly help to bring the best to academia and industries.

He enjoined the students to pay close attention to the training as it will greatly benefit them and contribute to their success as an IT expert in the world after their graduation. Dr. Ahmed noted that the training was an opportunity for the students to learn from the experience of the expert in the field.