Skyline University Nigeria

Greenathon; Skyline University Nigeria commemorates World Innovation and Environment Days 2023

Skyline University Nigeria has recently organized a greenathon to celebrate two global notable days – World Innovation Day and World Environment Day 2023. The event was organized to unveil sustainable business ideas from Senior Secondary School students as the world continues to fight environmental challenges and climate change’s adverse effects.

Dr. S Senthil Kumar, the Head of Management Department said, “The greenathon was a way to create new ideas and prove talents which is what Skyline University Nigeria does. We have a Centre of Excellence where we can show more eco-friendly projects, waste management and recycling products. It is a way to expand your careers”.

The SUN Centre of Excellence organized the event as its maiden edition themed ‘climate change, waste management and renewable resources’. The Greenathon – Green Business Ideas Contest will be an annual event that would be inviting Senior Secondary School students in Kano to design exceptional Business Model Canvas for green business ideas. The models would be to develop sustainability related to green and clean environmental problems.


SUN decided to celebrate World Innovation Day slated on April 21st and World Innovation Day on 5th June together, to encourage innovation alongside global demands to address challenges such as energy crises, fossil fuels depletion, waste management, climate change, global warming, environmental pollution and other related issues.

The session invited about 15 secondary schools in Kano to participate. After the presentation of business ideas and critical assessment of the pitches, the winners were selected. Aysha Tofa and Khaulat Bebeji, the judges invited, selected the best 3 business ideas based on their wealth of experiences over the years.

Ayah Khalil Mosleh, emerged victorious clutching the first prize from Crescent International School. The second position was awarded to Ameena Umar Khalil and Amina Aminu Sani from Prime College. For the third position, Maryam Abubakar from Khadija Memorial College was selected.

The judges also appreciated Mahfuz Ibrahim and Usman Nura Abdulkadir from Government Technical College Kano, for their notable presentation during the competition. Aysha and Khaulat were also awarded by the management of SUN for their outstanding achievements in their distinctive fields of endeavour.