Skyline University Nigeria

How are you keeping track of your professional portfolio?

Helping students to identify criteria for selecting and creating portfolio earlier in the university’s journey through training and demonstrated skills is a vital way to assist them keep track of their professional accomplishments. This will encouraged them to learn how to combine achievements and commentary in their portfolio to craft an effective argument or statement about their learning and to develop in them the ability to describe specific features of their areas of specialization that is vital in the market place.

We do understand that students’ portfolios are not expected to be fully polished as per work experience should be. What an employer is interested in at the level of graduation is potential and not work experiences. Having a student’s portfolio will help to showcase the journey that an applicant has been on from having initial ideas to creating something. Students’ portfolios should make sense in the context of a journey that one has undertaken so far from undergraduate level.

It could be difficult keeping track of your accomplishments because of the day-to-days task at hand in the campus. Months could passed, without knowing all the work accomplishment carried out when you are not keeping track of them. It may seem that you haven’t accomplished much, when in reality, you’ve done a lot more than you can realize. To meet up the requirements of the workplace, its important to learn to track the things you’ve accomplish throughout the year for a number of reasons.

  1. It puts you in a better position to evaluate your potential and ultimately your value in the marketplace.
  1. It makes it easier for you to provide accurate and thorough information when applying for a job that requires past accomplishments.
  2. It makes it easier to update your resume (CV) when you’re ready to explore new opportunities.
  3. Gives you great fodder for when you speak with peers and industry leaders by helping you share what you’ve learned (rather than boasting about all that you’ve accomplished).
  4. Helps you build an online presence as a professional in your field.
  5. Gives you the opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back now and then! And tell yourself that you deserve it.