Skyline University Nigeria

How Parents Can Help Students Achieve their Academic Goals While Learning From Home

As countries around the world take steps to contain the spread of this virus, teaching and learning from home has become a big game-changer for most students and educators. Without a physical classroom, how can you check that students are engaged and progressing? How do educators and faculty stay connected?

To start, Skyline University Nigeria through virtual learning has made lessons accessible to students with faculties. With each passing day, the resources have continued to evolve. The feedback we’ve received from students and faculties have made an improvement on the entire online system, including a collection of training materials, a list of useful apps, a learn at home resources designed for students as well as a feature for comments and assignments.

In normal circumstances, students are scheduled with classes, projects, studies as well as extracurricular activities such as sports, while keeping up with important assignments. This period of ‘stay at home’ can be an opportunity for parents to support their children in terms of meeting their study goals while learning from home?

Parents can use this time to help get students excited about taking online classes seriously. There are all kinds of things they can do that can help turn them on to learning during this time. Particularly as the university had adopted virtual learning to ensure their studies are not interrupted.

Parents can provide for students free unstructured study/lecture time every day, based on student’s schedule. If extracurricular activities are required, they are going to need extra time. They also need downtime, which includes taking a nap or sleep but also time to relax and revise important notes so they have time to reflect which is actually very important in their study guides.