Skyline University Nigeria

Industry Professionals Enlightens SUC & SUN Students on the Secrets of Industry Success

Top business CEOs, Mr. Tariq Chauhan of EFS Facilities Management Services (L.L.C) and his daughter, Ms. Nyla Khan, CEO of Kids World Nurseries, both speakers at the recently held CEO Guest Lecture Series of Skyline University College (SUC), Sharjah in partnership with Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), has enlightened the students of both institutions on the secrets of industry success that will allow them to avert the looming danger of business collapse in the foreseeable future. 

The CEO Lecture Series which was held virtually on 24th February 2021, was organized to inform Skyliners of new ideas and insights from CEOs and leaders across the world, to prepare them for the global workplace. While describing the journey so far, the guest speakers stated that while it is important to tell about their successes, it’s their failures that can teach the most valuable lessons.

Mr. Tariq remarked that the first important thing in any business is resilience, then transformation. “We were able to customize our business and ultimately the COVID-19 year became the best year for us. This was made possible because of a very strong partnership between the staff and the company owners”.

Ms. Nyla Khan added that to achieve interesting accomplishments in business, it’s not about selling a product, but selling impact for change. According to her, “The biggest problems in the world can be solved through education – Your aim should be, to impact as many with innovation and the values you offer to the society will define how your business can rise”. In general terms, the CEOs, shared their career journey as well as insights about their Companies Marketing Strategies, Competitive Strategies and operations at their respective Organizations.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of SUC, Dr. Mohammad Inairat, who welcomed the guest speakers, stated that this is the first-ever concept of inviting Father & Daughter to grace the CEO Lecture Series together at one Platform. He enjoined the participants to pay keen attention, to grasp the important lessons shared by the speakers.

The online CEO Guest Lecture, was attended by both management, Staff and Students of both institutions.