Skyline University Nigeria

International Conference – Vice-Chancellor Emphasized Education, Innovation and Survival to be part of Curriculum Development

The Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), Professor Sudhakar Kota, during the recently held ‘First digital International Research Conference’, jointly organized by Magezi and Enosi and certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance: Europe, has emphasized education, innovation and survival to be part of the teaching curriculum development for the benefits of the society in post-Covid 19.

The conference with the theme, ‘Educate, Innovate, Survive: the powerful role of multidisciplinary research in rising above the pandemic’ was held online between June 28 – 29, 2020, and featured Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy, the Co-panellist and Founder of Robindrik Psychotherapy Research Institute Trust, Dr. Ramon George O. Atento, the Academic Director of Toyota Motor Phillippines School of Technology, Mr. Symeon Nikolidakis, the Academic Director of Enosi Educational Institute in Athens, Ms. Felicie, the managing Director of Magezi and distinguished personalities from the academia, the business world and international organisations as speakers and panellists.

While making his presentation as the guest speaker of the event, Professor Kota stated that the current global scenario arising as a result of Covid-19, has brought a disruption not only on the industry and social life but, the dependency on the digital world has increased multifold as compared to any time before. “The digital technology in those days was not to this extent but has emerged as a strong supporter of education and has made its presence felt in the current scenario while facilitating teachers and learners in multiple ways”, he stated.

Some of the highlights made by the Vice-Chancellor at the international conference were that, We can use these technologies to give more importance to the human intelligence than ever before by optimizing talent and creating a creative contribution to increasing productivity and growth of organizations; The students of today should be taught to have a change in their global mindset. And we need to create the core skills especially with respect to the field of science, technology, engineering and maths as necessary courses; A change of mindset of critical thinking and problem solving will be essential to the coming generations rather than reproducing the knowledge which has been acquired over a period of time; The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning should have to be immediate in the current context of the syllabus; The importance of continuous training and development will never be out of place in the coming days as industries will require a continuous update of their employers to learning new things and to unlearn what they have learned in order to sustain and grow in the economy.

Other notable presenters at the International Conference were Mr. Harvey Keh, the Lead Convener of Kaya Natin P.H and Programmeme Manager of Jesse M. Robredo Foundation, Mr. Rizalino Giovanni Juliano, office of the Vice-President of the Philippines, Dr. Antonio Ligsay of St. Luke’s Medical Center-College of Medicine, Hon. Grace Padaca, a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee, Professor Khaled Sohel Mohammad, a Blockchani and Information Management Systems Expert, amongst others.