Skyline University Nigeria


Pocket-MBA: Skyline University Nigeria conducts Mindset and Skillset Training for Mompreneurs

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has received mothers and home business owners for its pocket-MBA program on mindset and skillset for excellence. The program was conducted on Wednesday, 21st, 2024, at the campus of SUN with over 60 participants.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Sarada Maganti, the Director Academic Support Services (DASS), said it is indeed a beautiful moment to gather achievers under a single roof for the purpose of knowledge sharing in entrepreneurship and homemaking. She admitted that the university has been delivering several activities under its corporate social responsibility program, including entrepreneurship and tech training.

Delivering the lecture for the program titled ‘Mind Set and Skill Set for Excellence’, Dr. Sudha Mavuri, the dean of the School of Arts, Social and Management Sciences (SAMSS), said the “forum is one that encourages balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurship, which is very critical in today’s dynamic world”.

She said it is very important for women to reflect on their hobbies and interests and seek feedback from others, among other things, like considering past experiences. In order to balance work, family lives and entrepreneurship. She encouraged the women to embrace flexibility, set realistic goals, prioritize and set boundaries and delegate and outsource.

Dr. Mavuri also advised the women to employ financial management strategies and, most importantly, save. She then motivated them to minimize debt and manage credit wisely.

Ms. Maganti, in her closing remarks, said the university appreciates the mothers for coming to the networking event. She also encouraged them to keep their network for future prospects.