Skyline University Nigeria

Positive choices to make while waiting for School Reopening

The Covid-19 pandemic may have given room for laziness and unproductivity to thrive amongst the student’s community, given the extended closures of schools across the country in compliance with safety COVID-19 regulations. These extensions should be perceived as an opportunity to improve oneself and academic performance. That’s right – going out to the campus, participating in extracurricular activities and the likes may not be on the schedule yet, but here are some of the positive choices you can make while waiting for schools to reopen.

Read a lot of books

If you’ve got a lot of time due to the lockdown and don’t know what to do with it, one of the best ways to spend time being productive is to start reading books. Reading books will improve your verbal abilities, concentration and focus, improve your imaginations, make you smart, improve your memory and reduces stress. Reading is highly encouraged. You can make it a habit of spending at least 30 minutes or an hour to read daily while spending the remaining time trying other productive activities. Eventually, this will become your habit, and you will never want to miss out reading.

Learn new skills

Do not stay idle and unproductive during this lockdown. There are tons of free online and app-based resources that can help you learn and develop new skills in a fun way. We understand that you can’t learn everything but learning a skill in a field that you are passionate about or that is tied to your major, is a good head start in this lockdown. You can learn tailoring, coding, graphics designs, Programmeming, website designs and management as it meets your desires.

Develop a positive attitude

You can develop a positive attitude in the lockdown when you focus on positive choices that will move you closer to your goals. Staying connected with family and friends, whether over the phone or via a video call can make a huge difference because it’s all about having the right mind-set. Make sure your goals are something that you genuinely want – not something you feel like you should want – and spend time considering why each goal is important to you. 

Adhere to Covid-19 safety regulations

Stay safe and follow all the COVID-19 safety measures such as regular hand washing/frequent use of sanitizers, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from others and wearing a mask will continue to be some of the most important things students can do to stay safe, while they pursue their career studies.